Alchi Monastry:
This is perhaps the only monastery in Ladakh which is located on a flat ground and not on a hill top like others, located near the small village of Saspol. It is one of the earliest monasteries built in Ladakh, dating from the 11th century. To build the monastery, the Ladakhi king Rin-chen-Izghimpo signed a treaty with the Gyalpo (king) of Tibet, who agreed to provide the artisans. The rambling monastery has six main buildings the Dukhang or main assembly hall, the Sum-tsek or three-tiered temple, the adjoining Manjusri Lha-khang and Lotsawa Lha-Khang temples, the Lha-khang Soma and the Kanjur-Lha-khang.

The Indus river flows by the monastery. Some wall painting purported to be 11/12 centuries old are quite beautiful and also well-preserved. These paintings depict the details of Hinu kings as well as the teaching of Buddhism. There is also a huge Buddha statue in the complex, a famous tourist attraction.

Walking towards the gompa from the small group of houses nearby, the first temple of importance is the Sum-stek, the oldest of the Alchi gompa. The temple is surrounded by wooden pillars and carved woodwork of mythological animals. The middle arch portrays a seated Buddha with the Green Tara (the Saviouress) to the right and Vajrasattava, a Bodhisattva to the left.

Located at the elevation of 3292 meters above from sea level, Basgo is a historical town situated on the bank of Indus River in Ladakh. It is having historical importance and is well-known for its Gompas (Buddhist fortifications of Learning, Lineage and Sadhna) such a Basgo Monastery and historical shell.

Basgo Monastery:
Basgo Monastery, also known as Basgo or Basgo Gompa, is a Buddhist monastery located in Basgo approximately 40 km from Leh on Leh-Kargil-Srinagar highway. The monastery was built by Namgyal rulers in 1680 and is situated on top of hill towering over the remains of the ancient town and is noted for its Buddha statue which is 75 feet in height and Murals. It is of historical importance and is the only place where original 16th century Murals still exist. The Monastery has three temples- CHAMBA MAITREYA (with Image of Maitreya on clay), SERZANG TEMPLE (with Copper built Image of Maitreya) and CHAM CHUNG TEMPLE (which was in the beginning built as Mosque but later transformed to Maitreya).

Other places to visit are: Basgo Castle, Chamba temple and ruins.

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