The Machail Mata temple is one of the most important temples in the Jammu region that is sheltered in an alluring location bestowed with rich natural beauty.

Machail Mata is a Goddess Durga also known by the name Kaali or Chandi. It is Goddess Durga's shrine popularly known as Machail Mata, located in village Machel, Kishtwar at a distance of about 290 km from Jammu city, one can reach the Machail Mata temple by hiring a cab from the city.

Thousands of people visit the shrine every year mainly from Jammu region.The pilgrimage ''Chhadi Yatra'' happens in the month of August every year and thousands of people visit the shrine every year during 'Chhadi Yatra'. There are lot of supernatural happenings that the pilgrims experience and report.

To reach the shrine, buses are available from Jammu, Udhampur, Ramnagar, Bhaderwah. One can also hire a cab as well. It takes approximately 10 hours by road from Jammu to Gulabgarh. The Gulabgarh is the base camp. From Gulabgarh, the foot journey starts, that is 32 km. Usually people take 2 days to reach the shrine by foot. On the way there are many villages, where one can stay in the night. The chaddi takes three days to reach machel. Many people organize roadside 'langers' (free food points) on the way to the Gulabgarh. Government of Jammu & Kashmir also arranges basic amenities for the pilgrims.

Other mean of reaching the shrine is by helicopter from Jammu and Gulabgarh. The helipad is only 100 meters from the shrine. Beside this the journey to Machail Mata Temple also offers many scenic beauties of the nature.

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