Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary is located just 28 kms from Jammu and is virtually a paradise for lovers of nature and wildlife. The sanctuary derives its name from Nandini village. The region play hosts to a large number of rare and endangered species of mammals and birds. It supports 8 species of mammals and a wide variety of bird species. Much acclaim has been accorded to the Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary, famous for its diversity of wildlife and best known for wonderful species of pheasants.

Best time to visit:
March- May (Bird watching).
September- March (for other forms of wildlife).

What to see at Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary:
Animals -
Some of the animals to be sighted in this sanctuary include the Porcupine, Leopard, Wild Boar, Rhesus Monkey, Bharal, Goral, Indian Fox, Barking Deer, Grey Langur, Civet Cats (two species), Hare, Mongoose, Five-Striped Squirrel etc.

Birds - If you are a bird lover there is a bagful of attractions for you too. A significant population of pheasants can be found here along with blue rock pigeon, bee-eaters, the Babblers, Indian mynah, great jungle fowl, chakor etc. A great attraction of the park is the Indian pea fowl and the Kalij pheasant. It is absolutely a treat to watch these winged creatures dotting the sky or perched in tree tops.

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