The valley of Kashmir is as famous for its rivers and lakes as it is for its beautiful mountains. More than just an object of beauty, the waterways offer activity-oriented leisure sports too among them River Rafting is one of the main adventure activities that are taking place in Kashmir valley. River Rafting lovers both begineers and experts can enjoy River Rafting at Pahalgam, Sonamarg and Ladakh as well.

River Rafting in Pahalgam

  • 1. The stretch for 2.5 km white water rafting Pahalgam ( lidder joy ride ).
  • 2. 5 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam ( lidder long ride ) and
  • 3. 8 km White Water Rafting Pahalgam (extra long ride ) with grade II to III and IV rapids on Lidder River.

River Rafting in Sonamarg

Sonamarg provides white river rafting for adventure lovers. The river of Sindh has various stretches of wild water where one can enjoy the thrilling sport of rafting. One can go for a different types of rafting expedition in Sonamarg. The river Sindh offers Rafting routes for both begineers as well as experts, rapids of Grade I, II and III.

River Rafting in Ladakh

The Indus river originating from Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake in Tibet runs across the desert region of Ladakh. This river has mainly rapids of Grade I and Grade II and at some places of Grade III.
Different types of routes are for different category of rafters for both Begineers and experts. Popular route for beginners is Hemis-Stakna-Shey-Thiksey-Choglamsar. A rather more adventurous people can go for the route between Alchi and Khaltsey. Some other common routes are:

Phey-Nimo route:- this route has grade two and three rapids and passes through hamlets, monasteries and other beautiful sites to behold.

Kharu-Spituk:- Recommended for beginners.

Upshi-Kharu:- This is an easier route and the rapid ranges between one and three.

Saspol-Khaltsey:- A good route for adventure seekers.

Phey-Saspol:- This route is for those who want calmer rafting and enjoy the view of the vicinity.

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