Shiv Khori is situated in district Reasi at distance of 85 Kms from Katra and 105 kms from Jammu city, depicts the natural formation of Shivlingum. It is one of the most venerated cave shrines of Lord Shiva in the region. The cave is a natural wonder. Shaped like the "Damroo" of Mahadev it is wide at both ends while congested at the centre. The width of the cave is different at different places. At some point it is so narrow that a person can even barely crawl there. At some other place there is width of more than 100 meters. The Holy cave is more than 200 mts long & houses 4 feet high Svayambhu Lingum, which constantly baths in a milky lime fluid dripping from the ceiling. The cave is full of natural impression & images of various Hindu Deities & full of divine feelings. Shiv Khori is also known as "Home of Gods" is famous for the cave shrine of Lord Shiva.

Legend has it that a demon named Bhasmasur, after a long meditation of Lord Shiva, obtained the boon that he could end the life of anyone by placeing his hand on their head. After obtaining it, this devil had the evil intentions to end Lord Shiva. On seeing the evil design of the demon, Lord Shiva ran to save himself from the powers of the demon and entered through the narrow entrance of this cave which is now known as Shiv Khori. Thereafter, Lord Vishnu in the guise of Mohini came and lured the demon to dance to her tune. As the demon started dancing exactly as per the actions of Mohini, the said demon kept his hand on his own head and destroyed himself with his own powers. As per the legend, 33 crores deities exist in this cave in shape of pindis.

How to reach :

The Shiv-Khori Shrine is very well connected to Katra / Jammu by road. People can reach here by taxi/car. Buses from Katra are also available.

Whatsapp Number : +917840000207