Visit Magnetic Hill:
The hill falls on the National Highway from Leh to Kargil to Baltik. Situated at an altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level, On its south side flows the Indus, which originates in Tibet and goes to Pakistan. magnetic hill has become a popular stop for tourists on car journeys, It provides an opportunity experience a rare natural phenomenon, i.e. Magnetic hill or gravity hill as it is sometimes called is a curious natural phenomenon. The hill can pull any vehicle up its steep slope with the ignition of the vehicle off.

Go on a Yak Safari
Yak safari in the desert lands of Ladakh is a memorable experience as you get to enjoy the pristine beauty of the nature, the serene blue lakes, the sprawling green valleys, and regal snow-peaked mountains standing tall on all sides.

Go on a Camel Safari
Camel trekking or camel safari in Ladakh was the most common mode of transportation for the purpose of trade, around 3-4 centuries ago. It is still predominantly practiced in the Nubra valley from Hundar to Diskit. Only in htis region you will find the Bactrial camels or double-humped camels.

Spot the Snow Leopard Sighting
The best place to find snow leopards in Ladakh is Hemis National Park which is also called the Snow Leopard Capital of the world. Normally the success rate of finding a snow leopard is about 50% in this region.

Visit to the Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame near Leh is actually a museum dedicated to the Indian army's heroic struggles during the war in Kargil and Siachen sectors. It's a very interesting museum displaying the weapons employed during the Kargil war and belongings of the enemy soldiers including their outfits found after the Kargil war.

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